vrijdag 9 mei 2014

Tag: Work That Es

I saw an amazing tag on my cup of care and she found it on work that es . 
And that's also the name of the tag. I think this tag is a great way to tell a little bit of myself.
But this is the English version of it ;).

What sports do you do?
At this very moment none. Because of pregnancy. But normal I swim, fitness and run.
Favorite exercise?
I love to swim. I did it my whole life till I'm 16 or something I've won a lot of competitions. Than I have to quit because of a knee injuri. So I started fitness. And sometimes I run. Depends on how my knee feels. At the gym my favorite exercise are deadlifts.
That varies from whole grain crackers, oatmeal, fruit smoothies. But I always start my day with coffee and banana soy milk.
Which workout song is now on repeat?
Can't hold me back-Decibel 2012
What do you find easier, healthy eating or exercise?
At the moment healthy eating. But I'm not an angel I have a cheat meal now and then. But normally exercise is a lot easier. Normally I can't sit still. Thats why it is so hard for me to keep rest for this moment. But everything for the little one.

Do you use supplements? 
When I work out a lot I do. I've got caseine powder, Whey eggwhites, Amino X, Go pre workout powder. Everything comes from: gymfood

Best fitspiration?
Andreia Brazier. And I follow a lot of fit people on facebook, twitter or instagram.

Like I allready told you. Once in a while ;). I love chips. I can't see a movie without eating them. But I also eat tomatoes or carrots instead.
Finest sports outfit?
Loose Sport shorts or sweatpants, I don't like it when they are tight I feel uncomfortable in it. Sports bra with a tank top.
Do you use sport and / or health apps?
I've only got the app: runkeeper. That saves my route, shows how hard I ran, how many km and my time. 
Biggest irritation during exercise?
When my body is to tired to function but my mind is not. People who are stare at you weird (just get a life). 
How many pairs of sports shoes do you have?
Only 2. 1 for the gym and 1 for running outside.
Three things you can not live without?
Ow there are to many..... But for 1: my boyfriend (father of my child that I'm carry), My animals (3dogs, 2 cats), My phone, it's the thing that connect me with my best friends and keep in touch with them.  But I can also not live without: friends, my baby in my tummy, and sports.

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